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Aww...that's sweet. Now that it's cold i have no hope of getting Misi off the bed...she goes under the covers.covers herself head to toe and pretends she's not there...even snores with her eyes open sometimes.
Hahaha thats so cute! My old girl Lucy used to do that too, and she would lick the sheets too, so there was always little wet patches everywhere!! When ever the dogs come inside, for some reason, Saxon runs straight to my room, jumps on my bed and snuggles himself into the big brown thermo/woolly rug I have on there, and you can't get him off it! It took all of mine and my stepdads strength to get him off my bed! (they are allowed inside most of the time, but they like the outdoors more; but we have a 'not allowed on the beds' rule. Well, it's more of my stepdads rule)