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    This is my staffy "Sui" with "ICED Galliano II" an agouti siamese long coat rex manx mouse who won a best in show at this year's royal in his class .

    She a bit muddy after a run in the park :P .
    But I still like the photo, reminds me a bit about the fable of the lion and the mouse.

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    Very cute

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    Wow that is some fancy mouse!

    We had pet mice - very plain looking ones compared to yours! - but our previous dog thought they were dinner.

    You did very well getting your dog to behave so well around them.

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    My first pet mice were plain albino pink eyed whites . I prefer the plain varieties personally, fancies tend to be way overrated and over represented in exhibition.

    Dogs generally find rodents hard to resist, I was pretty proud though when all dogs except mine were all distracted by a dead rat on the training ground once. Sui is also good with cats too.

    She gets very excited around people though which has made her jumping habit a difficult one to break. Doesn't help when people even within the training club cuddle her when she jumps :/ . Not to mention those smarty pants members of public who just pat your dog without asking - that really irritates me, even after you've told them she's in training and very exciteable .

    But we have made some progress, she's sucessfully done the stand for exam with my OH and with my brother on more than a few occasions . Not long before she'll get the hang of it at obedience too! Rome wasn't built in a day I suppose.

    Maxie my rescue pup was recently introduced to our 600g male rat Adam, he wasn't too sure if he wanted to chase it or run away from it, so he decided he's bark at it from a safe distance LOL. Adam can hold his own if he needs to, he's a big old boof and completely fearless.

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