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Thread: My Mate Jack

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    ok so here's another ... this one shows jack TELLING me to throw the ball for him. It also displays my biggest mistake in training him, allowing him to get like this. I've done a lot of work since and reduced his carry on but i've never completely gotten in control of it.

    p.s although his barking looks and sounds aggressive, i would be more than happy for any person(adult or child) to go up and pat him while he's carrying on.

    ETA : the patting him while he's carrying on about his ball has been tested by strangers, the worst that might happen is a kid pick up his ball and jack will jump up on them and bowl them over trying to get his ball(has actually happened with my nephew)
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    Firstly i would like to say i've trained several border collies prior to owning jack and never had any issues like this. My mistake was making jack focussed on the ball i.e every time we went to the park that was what he did, chased the ball. That in itself could have been ok, but soon enough he started barking at me as soon as we got out of the car and instead of addressing the behaviour right then and there, i stupidly would throw the ball to shut him up. So for anyone learning to train dogs, please take my lesson, DO NOT reinforce bevaviours, no matter how much easier it might make life at the time!!!

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    so this is a follow on vid from one of the previous ones, just zoomed a little. The commentary : i was watching the dogs while my mate worked out how to get into his house after losing his keys ... he was also a bit worried about his brand new pup getting hurt or scared by jack. I should add, the pup finished the evening absolutely not scared or hurt, jack finished the evening with a big gash across his head - can only put it down to the nastly little pins they call puppy teeth

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    Mymate jack, he is gorgeous, what a great photo of his dinner and his ball, almost like he has gathered all his fav He looks really intelligent and noble and proud as staffies do.
    Is he waiting for you to say "eat"? Priceless.
    Thank you for sharing him with us.
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    Hehehe great videos! Bella barks at me like Jack does you too. Except I think she is telling me off instead. The second video is sooo cute I love how they play so gentle with little babies! That's exactly how Harley and Bella play too. Harley on the bottom and Bella giving it to him!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    a little update on jack's health :

    over the past few months jack has gone from strength to strength. Although he's not 100% yet, i'd say he's back to 80 - 90% of his healthy fitness. I've come up with a theory on what caused his issues - last year i was feeding him a lot of bones. I have fake grass which has millions of little rubber balls that hold the pile up. Anytime i gave jack a bone he'd drag it off the concrete and onto the "grass" where those little rubber balls would stick to the bone and i assume he would wind up consuming quite a few. While i never thought that was anything like ideal, i'd always assumed they'd just pass through him. Well lately i've stopped feeding him bones, and while it may very well just be coincidence, his health has improved remarkably - remembering that the vet didn't think he'd live through the night 8 or 9 months ago. I'm thinking that his gut has dissolved those rubber balls and that has slowly poisoned his system. Will be interesting to hear what the vet thinks of my theory when he goes in for his annual shots in the near future

    interested to hear what others think of my theory?

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