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Thread: My Mate Jack

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    My heart goes out to you about Jack. 5 years ago I lost a big love in my life, Attila. We went to have him vaccinated for an Interstate flight but unfortunately he didn't leave Victoria. The vet had felt lumps and took a biopsy. Attila had cancer, and we made the hard decision to have him put to sleep. I cried for weeks, and couldn't even look at his collar with out balling my eyes out. He was a beautiful dog. I really hope Jack pulls through for you all, and you avoid the heart ache. Attila was just short of turning 6.

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    just a quick update on Jack :

    when i first took him to the vet and they wanted to do thousands of dollards of tests on him to find out what was causing his respiratory distress, the vet didn't think he'd make it through the night without intervention(admitedly neither did I). Several weeks on, he is still alive and kicking, although he wen down hill again a bit over a week ago to the point where i was thinking "if he's like this tomorrow i'm taking him to the vet to be put down if they agree he's sufferring"!!! Once again, unbelieveable recovery. While he still isn't 100%, without knowing his breathing you woud never know there was anything wrong with him until you see him chasing his ball(i.e he'll run at full noise to get the ball and then stop 5 times on the way back to get his breath back). How do you know when a dog is sufferring?

    Basically at this point in time i'm resigned to the fact that my little buddy is going to die in the near future, i can't afford to put him through lots of tests and stuff, so i just want to make whats left of his life as enjoyable as possible, but i also want to know when its time to say "his pain is too much". So far there has been no indication that he is in pain, just when things go bad he is obviouslly struggling to get enough air, even to the point where he is wobbly on his feet if exercised. I hope someone here can give me some clues on how to determine that point.
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    This has to be so horible to be going through.
    I feel for you ansd you little mate Jack.
    I don't have any idea on how or what, but felt compleled to reply to tell you.
    Um I don't know what I was guuna say but I really feel for both of you.

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    I'm sorry to hear you're going through such a rough time. I don't have any advice on how to make the decision when it is time to let him go to sleep. I can't think of a tougher decision to make than that one.

    I wish you lots of strength and keep enjoying Jack's company while you can.

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    For my last family dog,

    It was clear she was in extreme pain getting up and lying down and she was quite anxious too, ie every time we moved to get a cup of coffee or go to the loo or whatever, she'd get up painfully and then painfully do ten circles and lie down again.

    At that point - she was still pleased to greet us, and could find her dinner bowl - her nose was the last to go. I'm still thinking that's when she should have been PTS.

    But unfortunately - family waited until after Christmas - and my sister - whose dog it was "officially", wouldn't take her to the vet and neither would my mum. A couple of weeks later - dog couldn't recognise us, didn't really know we were there, was bumping into things, and couldn't find her dinner bowl in front of her.

    I complained that she was going to cook herself on mum's concrete pavers out the back. Bit of a heat wave at the time. So that's when Mum finally bit the bullet - since in actual fact - it was at that time - her dog really. (My sister lived interstate).

    So when I was ready to PTS the dog, the rest of my family wasn't, and then when they were finally ready - there was no way I was going to help them - on my birthday - so my brother did.

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    We had to do this with our little cross Westie, Bundy.
    We took her to the vets and I knew that we had to do it but it was the wife.
    And I understand that she loved her but she was doing her best to keep Bundy alive just for her and it wasn't in a mean way though.
    Bundy was always falling and had lost her sight so bump here and bump there.
    She asked the vet her opinion but the vet said you have to tell me I can't give you a yes or no.
    I told the wife that it was better for Bundy to be PTS and then the vet said you know why you have bought her here for but you want reasurance about what to do.
    The wife said yes and then the injection was done. The wife had walked out in tears by now.
    I wrapped Bundy up and both her to the car to take home.
    But alot of the time we tent to try to hold on for that one more month and in the truth of it, it might have been better to do this deed a month earlier.
    I fully understand why people don't or can't bring themselves to do it.
    And I would never tell anyone that they are doing the wrong thing. As it does take time for the owner to build up the courage to do it.
    This has to be one of the harder thing's in lfe today with the ownership of a pet.

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    I lost Scooby a few months ago now but it still feels like yesterday.
    Thankfully he went on his call, not mine, and so quickly i didnt even believe he had passed.
    I know he did me a final favour by making it happen so quick. He knew it would hurt me to much to make the decision.

    That week i feared the end was near somtime soon so i told myself if i saw he couldnt get up to relieve himself or eat properly it was a fair indication he had given up himself. I thought it only fair he had every chance to give it his best and last shot. To let himself have a say as such ....if that makes any sense.

    I think you'll know when the times right as only you know that look in his eye, that expression in his face and the gut feeling inside you.

    When the time comes, i think you'll just know.

    I wish you and your buddy all the best with it mate.

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    It is awesome that Jack has made a recovery even if not full, but enjoy all the precious time you have left with Jack, he is such a handsome boy!! As I have mentioned previously, it's brutal on everyone involved when a beloved pet gets ill. Hugs for you and Jack!

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    So sorry you are facing this - and I think you have a good attitude ie not to put him through endless medical procedures, just make the most of every day.

    FWIW this is my story.

    Chubb was diagnosed 2/3/11 osteosarcoma (he had a lump on his cheekbone)
    and started to suffer severe nosebleeds.

    The vet said there is nothing to be done for him no relief could be offered at all. You may have 10 days or so - try to keep him quiet to minimise bleeds.
    We found a naturopath vet the next day she gave him Chinese herbs etc and an IV of Vit C. Immediate relief of the symptoms at least.
    She thought he could be saved however our best efforts did not stop the tumour growing and growing. Other than this he was happy & energetic.
    However the bad days became more frequent-I askedwhen will I know. She said he will let you know.

    By this time the bleeds were back and full bore (not every day mercifully).
    So Monday night he did not eat. Tuesday no food again he hid under the bed all day and I fed him water with an eye dropper. I think he had some eggs that night.
    Wednesday morning 8/6/11 I was up at 6 - he had a small amount of raw steak and I went out & opened the car doors.
    By some miracle he appeared on the back step with tail wagging a little.
    "C'mon mate" - he jumped in the car.

    We went to the beach for the last time.
    We played in the water just like the old days, he looked like a puppy again.
    30 mins was enough for him - he headed to the carpark.
    By the time we got home he was not looking the best and would not get out of the car, just lay down and went to sleep in the back.
    I called the vet - You better come and look at him. (She does house calls).
    He woke up a couple of times and was able to eat some scrambled eggs,
    later some chicken and milk. She came and checked him out - I think its time.
    So, we said our goodbyes and then it was time, I reckon he would have slipped away on his own he was breathing so softly. I so wish he had.

    So I have made a little beach garden where he is resting, sand, shells some pigface plants from his beach and 3 rosemary bushes.
    I dont know where he found the energy that morning but I think he wanted a memory for me to hold and for him to take with him.

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    Thanks everyone for your support and also for sharing your own experiences on "when its time". So far for the most part Jack is happy and energetic, its just when he exerts himself that i can see there is a problem. I'm trying to let him chase the ball at the beach every day still, just i'm now limiting it to 5 - 10 throws, rather than the 100+ he used to do. Today he chased his ball for about 10 minutes but soon was showing signs of exhaustion, so i put the ball away and just let him have a sniff around and try and hump a few dogs(i just disown him while he's doing that lol). On the way back to the car he fell behind and was struggling by the time we finally got there .... a bit of rest, and he's back to normal. So i'll just keep taking him to the beach each day and limit his exertion, i think he'd rather die having some fun than laying around the house day in day out, at least i know i would!

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