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Thread: My Mate Jack

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    The neighbours dog is very protective of his family and won't let jack near them, runs and barks at him.
    sounds like my minis...
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    Totally gorgeous and especially those last 2 pics!
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    well just a week shy of 6 years old and jack's health has gone down hill. Looking back over the past few months i guess there have been some signs, but this last weekend he went downhill in a big way. He's now struggling to get enough oxygen to his body - it was only last thursday he spent an hour chasing the ball with no ill effects! The vets aren't sure exactly what the problem is but think he has fluid on around his heart and possibly in his lungs. I could pay between $1k and $2k to do a bunch of tests but the likely outcome is it won't be anything treatable(if there was a likelyhood of a positive outcome i'd be doing it straight up, no questions asked), or at best he could possibly be kept alive for a while with medication, but then is his quality of life going to be good enough to keep him happy? At this point in time, i've made the heart wrenching decision to let his live till he shows signs of distress, at which point he will be pts. I've shed many tears and struggling to see the screen as i write. Such a good little fella, so loyal, my best little mate. I'm just trying to make his last few days in this world as enjoyable and comfortable as possible - i took him to the beach today where he normally runs and he had a good time sniffing around, had to put him on lead when some dogs he knew turned up to stop him over exerting himself and dropping dead on me. Man this part of dog ownership sucks arse!

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    Mate i know how you feel my ruby died last march i cried my self too sleep evey nigth for a mou now i have a photo of her on my bed side table and her lead on the side of the bed i still cry when i tell her baby nugget storys about her mum and how much she loved her i still miss her so bad i feel that theres a hole in my heart from the day she ran away andgot hit by a car i look for her for days i saddle up my horse rid out to find her i come home empty handed she was gone and i have not said my good bye to her yeat i have locked each memry of her in my heart so she will all ways be there for me

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    Thanks for letting us know.

    I agree this sucks - he's way too young for those kinds of health problems.

    Any chance of a second opinion and did the vets explain why it seemed sudden?

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    Take as meany photos as possabol before he gos and be there for him when the time comes to let him cross over and say your sad and last good byes to him and how much you loved him and go and bre him in his fab spot or you can cramamt him so hes still there with you

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    This is such a sad thread.
    I know what it is like as most here do so we all undeerstand what you are going through.
    On the money side I to know what this is like and I would be like you.
    If there was a more positive report then go ahead. But to just throw the vet money for the same out come is in my opinion not the way to go.
    Keep as happy as you can at home and let nature take its course. But if you can see he is suffering then it should be back to the vets.
    Sorry about your little mate to.

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    So sorry to hear this MMJ. It just made me cry and I don't even know your little Jack Thinking of you! It sucks how life throws you these curve balls.

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    I had a cry reading this too, I'm so sorry! Dogs really touch our hearts and it's wonderful that you can spend a few days enjoying his friendship. My husband had a staffy named Cougar when he was in his 20s, who ran away and got hit by a car. More than ten years later he still gets choked up when he talks about him or shows off his pictures. I think staffies are amazing creatures who always seem leave the world greatly loved.

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    Bugger !

    The most unfair thing in the world is our mates dont have the life span of thier owners.

    I know it's easy for me to say but you need to keep your chin up mate and enjoy him while you can. Spoil him rotten with lots of treats, belly rubs, pats and kisses. So sorry to hear it and all the best.

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