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Thread: Lila - My Sooky Best Mate

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    Bout time I got some pics up of her!

    Lila is a Border Collie x Labrador. She's round 18 months old, got her off of a friend of a friend. Poor guy, his yard was completely secure, hadn't desexed her as she was kept secure etc. Whilst she couldn't get out, another dog jumped the fence and got in. He went chasing after it but it hurtled the fence like a professional, obviously the Collie had been to agility training LOL. Her mother is now 8 years old, poor bugger had been left alone till it was terrorised by that dog lol. Lila is as much of a sook as her mother (and yep, shes desexed :P )

    Have to get some updated pics of Roxy soon! Only pics I have of her was about 4 months ago, when she was a pup, and shes huge now !

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    Gee she's a pretty thing !
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    What a smart looking girl!
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