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Thread: Dirty Dogs

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    Oh I know this to well! EVERYDAY i get home to find the muddy prints from the back door to through to the lounge room. Lucky all floor boards so easy to clean, but everyday! Its driving me nuts! LOL Cant wait for summer man!

    Love the second pic BTW, to cute!

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    ROFL.....looks like my kitchen after rain when jarrah has been in

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    So cute!!! Look at those faces...."wasn't me Mum, dunno what happened...." he, he.

    Diesel & Marley are currently drying off on the couch after a nice warm bath. Its been pouring rain here in Brisbane & we came home to very dirty puppies who obviously had a ball playing in the rain rather than staying in the shelter of the garage!!!

    Have learnt the lesson of covering the couch with a blanket first, shutting ALL the doors to bedrooms & outside BEFORE putting puppies in the bath.......

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