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Thread: Harley Lily and Tessa

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    Default Harley Lily and Tessa

    my beautiful puppies
    pic 1 harley and lily
    pic 2 lily
    pic 3 & 4 tessa
    pic 5 Harley
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    very cute doggies. BTW who is the boss between Lily and Tessa? Probably Tessa?
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    tessa definatly the boss
    she is 15 years old the others are 12 and 14 months. so maturity overrules size. there is a 50kg difference between harley and tessa but you wouldnt think the way she acts. a few times ive caught tessa hanging from harleys chin skin by her teeth and i think "your lucky he's too stupid to know how to bite back'
    tessa is an inside dog and the other two outside (as they cannot distinguish furniture from chew toys) so when they are together we are always supervising cos i dont entirely trust tessa not to bite off more than she can chew.

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    The Rotties are gorgeous!

    Tessa is very cute. Love the black ears
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