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    Hi everyone

    It's been a while...I'm back at uni so I barely have time to breathe let alone do 'extra curricular activities' but I 'pop in' every now and then to see what's going on.

    Just a couple of pics...

    Looking pretty

    Waiting patiently outside my bedroom window (I love when she sits like this - she looks so regal and alert)

    And here is 'Jo'. A couple of weeks ago I was out for a walk and found her wandering around the park. She only had a home number on her ID tag - I called but got the answering machine so left a message. I took her home with me so she spent the night at our house. Next morning I tried calling again and someone answered. Two women were house sitting - the owners were away on holidays for a few days. So they came and picked her up - very thankful.

    Then a few days later the owner called to thank me for looking after her. I was so pleased I was able to help and that she wasn't wandering the streets, fair game for cars. She was such a sweetie - a big girl. I was thinking a mastiff x .... lab?

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    AW loren that first pic is so sweet

    And that other pooch is a bit of a spunk , mmm,yes,bit of mastiff there somewhere?
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