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Thread: The New Additions..... Boof N Lilly

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    We were pretty pleased with our efforts.... all left overs from our front fence!

    Yeah he is much better today.... no whinging and whining and he's walking ok, but thankfully he's still pretty dopey so no running to worry about yet.

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    Awesome sand pit!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueStaff View Post
    Awesome sand pit!!
    Thanks BS.... we ummed and arred about the roof, but decided since we had the stuff to do it, we might as well otherwise the sand would probably be too hot to touch most of the day and the dogs would get extra sun exposure that's just not needed up here in NQ!

    Poor Boof is yet to have any fun in it.... he has a 'wound' that needs to heal first, LOL!

    My OH asked me this morning what they are going to get when Lilly goes to get spayed... since they got a 'multi million dollar' sandpit when Boof went in LMAO!

    To date no ideas on what they get next......

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    lol! Maybe get them a lap pool!

    My poor buggers just get a clam shell pool each year.... yes that's a new one each year because by the end of summer, the pool is in a million pieces

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    They have a 'wading pool'.... one of those blue square ones normally for skin kids, LOL!!

    So yeah maybe we could upgrade..... I can just imagine the OH's reaction

    Edit: That'd be the one in my avatar ...... duh!
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    omg! They are adorable. I'm sure Boof will be back on his feet in no time.


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    Oh and back on his feet he is..... now the fun of stopping him from running!

    Thanks Cathy

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    Default Just an update

    We're really starting to enjoy our outings in the ute.....

    We still love to sleep:

    Yes we have two beds but sharing is much more fun:

    And playing with Dad in the shed:

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    Aw I love th first photo!!
    Are they related?
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    Yep they are, full brother n sister but out of consecutive litters!

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