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Thread: Leo in a Photo Story (Joining In)

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    Default Leo in a Photo Story (Joining In)

    Hiya, thought id join in, pics are from when Leo was around 41/2 months and was doing a bit of recal training :

    LEO COME!!

    Yes, bring your lead with you, clever boy

    Good boy! Now sit..

    What a good boy!

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    Ok and another, as Leo wonders if he can eat the camera!

    Hmm, whats that!?

    Better go in for a closer look

    Is it tasty?

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    Love the last few pics - action eating shots!!

    He's very good on his recall and sit. What a cutie!

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    awww..what a good boy!

    Say cheese


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    Darn i loved those shoes. No more no more. Leo chewed them up! Got home to find OH on the puter with Leo sitting quietly in the bedroom doorway chewing them up, as i walked in and saw Leo with my fav shoes chewed to bits and called out to the OH, Hun, have you seen Leo and what hes doing? Comes out, ohh crap sorry! But there just shoes! GGGRRRR!! They not just shoes! They were only cheapies, but they were comfy and my favourites! MEN! They just dont understand! (LOL, dont you love the way Leo doesnt get the blame, but how is he to know if now one is watching him and telling him No thats not allowed!)

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