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Thread: My Falcon After the Accident

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    Default My Falcon After the Accident

    No not a bird,my falcooon I miss my car
    Had meant to put these up earlier but was detained.

    This was her after I'd limped her back from the middle of the F3 ( seriously not 5 minutes odd from the big servo centre in the middle there-just past Toronto area-where we were planning on having something to eat and toiley break) after the damned spring popped out of the Uhaul trailer I was towing....sitting on 90 I wasn't meant too but had little choice .
    The trailer ( and our belongings) came out much worse and I do have pics of it but they're on the mobile and I cant find the data cable ( chances are its still somewhere down in the gully on the freeway with most of our stuff ) and I havn't brought another one yet
    The little black Honda we collected as we swung back around towards the gaurd rail came pretty bent too,the lady driver ( really lovely woman) was ok.

    We all were . Though its still an ongoing matter .

    Man did you know those red highway patrol cars can out of thin air or something !Only the red ones mind you....the blue ones take a second or two later as they are only jet fueled. ppffft....when you want them in a hurry,what do you get?? Yep,the white ones.

    To be honest she doesn't look like what she's gone through ( thats a ford coon for ya,shame they dont build Uhaul trailers the same ) but she still isn't pretty and she was taken off the road down here after we'd found how badly it had twisted her and dragged around shafts etc. The trailer was trying to climb the rest of the gaurd Rail ( it had already half gone over) and the tow ball is now pointing to the ground.

    *puffs chest out* But the the trucky behind us who saw the whole thing from when the spring went said to Hubby that I did a bluddy good job of keeping the lot of us from going over-of course- I am a female driver after all

    She is at the moment parked in the back yard,though she has been sold
    We started putting her back together and even considering she's on gas as well , the drive and under carriage damage was just too much ....she leaves this week *sob*
    I shall put up some pics of her out there tomorrow before she's fully gone.

    RIP Girly

    gggrrrr ok,the attatchments wont load,will put them on bucket tomorrow,too buggered right now
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    Mum had a car crash the other week in her Falcon. We thought it would get written off, but its all good now

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    Poor Falcon! I used to an XC and it went for ever until one day she started leaking oil and wouldn't stop and the cost was more than the car was worth. She did thousands of miles between Dalby and Rockhampton, pulling trailers etc.
    Was a good old car!

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    Chop the main thing is no one was hurt, but what a dam shame it had to happen. Hey, I have a dam good Commodore Executive for sale and an old One-tonner ute.

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    *DA holds fingers up in sign of crucifix*

    Like others said, main thing (only thing really) that matters is that everyone was okay.

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    I am glad everyone is safe

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    Thanks guys Certainly wasn't the crissy pressie I wanted.
    Boxer I hope your Mum is ok!
    Being safe was the main thing Belle ,we were shaken and stirred but relatively unharmed.

    Boh I just adore the older Coons.Nothing like these plastic machines now and when you break down you know you could (usually) get home without carrying a laptop to plug the car engine into
    Just about bullet proof they are. The engine on this girl is still superb (what she's been bought for) the accident did damage the radiator and the power steering though.

    *hisses at DA*

    Thanks Pei Not sure I could come at driving a Crumbledore though
    The ute I ( well hubby) would consider,email me some more details

    2 tics just doing the pics now.
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    Just loading the today half put back together ones
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    This is her the day before it happened.

    Had to add this one ; me and OH were still getting with it ,enjoying coffee's.These pair had done the brekky thing and were tired of waiting

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    Wow you guys are lucky nobody was hurt. Would love to see the article from front page of the paper if you can post that too.

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