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Thread: Pups Not Piglets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shar Pei Rescue Victoria View Post
    Oh my....simply STUNNING!!!!! I actually rehomed our baby SBT X today to a lovely family- like you, your boy and your cop it was love at first sight.
    So glad you got a home for the pup. Really admire the people who do rescue as it can be so heartbreaking sometimes.

    I've been lucky with the pups I've bred only had one who had to be rehomed. They had turned him into the pound, with ALL his paperwork and the girl who works there (a friend) just rang me to find out why he hadn't come back to me ????? she knows my policy that if anything happens they come home & I'm the one who rehomes. They hadn't even put in his transfer with canine in the 12 months they had him so I just claimed him. Boy did they get a talking to about it from me

    Normal story:- going to have a baby so had to get rid of the dog. Lovely desexed boy, but really good home now on acreage and he's really happy. Stayed with me for about 5 weeks before I found a home I was happy with for him.

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    Late to this thread but what gorgeous little grots, lol.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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