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Thread: My Little Door-Bella

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    Nawww <3
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    *tiptoes in*

    Sooo cute !

    *tiptoes out*
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    No!! Not the yoga book!!

    Hmm... Maybe if I cover it up, she won't make me do it...

    No... I don't want to do the pose of a dog...

    Aww... Do I really have to?

    Humph. OKay, okay...*grumble grumble*

    Right... so first your arse down, then your arse up... got it.

    Oh, this is the cat that is the stray... Im thinking Blue point burmese or tonkinese or something of the like... what do you guys think?

    This was taken at night, but he is a smoky grey kinda colour, and a dense coat that isnt soft. Im guessing that is because of lack of nutrition or something, but he isnt ribby. Pretty blue eyes.

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