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Thread: GSD's4Ever Photos

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    It was a good morning's outing. Spirit didn't bark at anyone ... a first for her at the market. My little girl is growing up & starting to behave herself in public. I'm a very happy Mother & owner. It augers well for Obedience trialling & Spirit behaving herself for "Stand for Exam" (SFE) in the ring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demi View Post
    LOL! I really like the 2nd last one - Spirit looks stunning.

    Oh & the 1st one, Tara looks so cute and her ears look so big! <3
    Ta for your compliments.

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    aww GSD.. what sweet piccies of your beautiful well mannered girls out n about in town

    Thank you for sharing & for making me smile

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    Ta for posting AF. They're lovely girls, I love them very much & you should know by now ... I can't resist putting a caption to a photo when inspired. And my dogs give me plenty of inspiration.

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    Ta Clea Today at the market was a milestone. Spirit didn't bark "Eff Orf" at anyone, so she didn't get instantly "sin bined" by being marched straight back to the car the instant she barked. Today, Spirit & I are one step closer to stepping into the trial ring.

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    Gorgeous dogs!

    I love the pic of Spirit that you have in your siggy...just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
    Only a twinkle in his daddys eye ♥♡
    (IM)patiently waiting for my long awaited newfie pup ♥♡

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    Ta Ferrero. I'm very fond of Spirit

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    I've never seen a white GSD before... Spirit is georgeous !!  14

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    Ta Mitte. I get "I've never seen a White GSD before" a lot when I'm out & about with my girls. Erm ... please don't forget about my beautiful Tara though. Poor thing. She gets left out a lot when Spirit is around. Poor Tara.

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    GSDs, havent they named the white German Shepherd the American Shepherd? I remember reading it somewhere, and it said something how white GSDs werent allowed to show etc so they got recognized as a different breed. Any truth to that?

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