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Thread: I love my puppy

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    Cool I love my puppy

    i LOVE my labrador puppy and i want to show the world her cuteness!! =) . She's my first dog and im overwhelmed by the joy she brings. Here's some photos of her when I just brought her home.

    ( i hope this works)

    She's alot bigger now. SO there'll be more photos to come.

    Oh, and here's some videos of her =)

    YouTube - Puppy bury bones on my bed
    YouTube - Dizzy Puppy (8weeks)
    YouTube - Poor Pumpkin the Labrador puppy
    YouTube - Pumpkin the Labrador puppy attacted by evil alien Blue bunny

    Everytime i play those videos on my computer, Pumpkin always looks around to see who's calling her name. lol

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    She's beautiful I'm sure she's going to bring you many many years of joy and companionship.

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