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Thread: Happy Paws Treats

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    Taya looks like she loves her new treats Candy will be getting hers next week!

    We keep our treats on top of the spare fridge...Candy being as tall as an adult when standing on her back legs....she gets her nose right up there!!! I'm going to have to find a new spot..she's getting a bit too close!!!

    I used to have treats in the cupbord under the it's just bird seed, but Candy doesn't forget...and feeding the bird with Candy about is the biggest PITA..she's thinking there's maybe a treat still in there somewhere!

    I clipped her nails the other night after work...about midnight, and I didn't give her a treat afterwards...she sat there and barked at me untill I got up and gave her some

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    Speaking of Happy Paws treats, I was going to order some last week when I first discovered this forum and met GSD4ever.

    The only reason I haven't purchased any yet is my worry that Zed won't eat them.

    He seems to have very little interest in most treats, and I've tried all sorts. The only luck I've had is with those poxy little choc-chip dog cookies.

    Has anyone else here got a dog that's finnicky with treats, and has bought some Happy Paws treats that the dog has loved?

    If so, which ones, please?
    In 11 years of making the treats, I'd love a dollar for every time I heard "My dog is fussy/picky/has no interest in treats. He/she won't like yours." (with owner looking down their nose at me ..... I'm 5'2") The dog tried them and then want to come home with me. Can't blame them. Life is good for dogs at Treat Central.

    I'll meet you half way. Order some Pooch treats (100 grams will do) & pay for the postage and I'll pop in some little samples for Zed to try. It's only an $18 investment. Not much in the scheme of things I'd say. If you're going to place an order, give me your forum name as well as your "real life" name so I know who you are. Think it over ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo01 View Post
    Awww, same, tuna fudge! I would love to try but its only available in your state Hippo But then again, Leo already thinks I'm opening the freezer for him (Ice cubes) he would go NUTS if there was tuna fudge in there!
    Speaking of ice cubes !!!! Freeze the Apperteaser powder I put in with your order in the water tray with water & voile ..... fabo thing the dogs just LOVE on those really hot days. We had a heat wave in Melb last year & someone tried it. Their dog went absolutely bonkers for the ice cubes. Check out my "hints & tips" page for more great stuff people have posted.

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    My old girl Jess (cattle x kelpie RIP)....she wouldn't ever take treats. She even felt threatened when eating her own food!! I'd have to walk away before she'd touch it.
    Come Utility Dog level at obedience...this came in real handy with the food refusal exercise..she'd always stick her nose up at the food and turn her head. She was a beautiful, and very unique dog that was 100% loyal to me and thrived on my attention alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Did you get my order form?
    Yep. I'll chat to you soon Sweetie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loren View Post
    I wish I (umm...Taya) could try the tuna fudge - sounds so yummy!!!
    When I get a "minute", (sure) I'm going to investigate a light weight freezer pad I can send them with. My vet gave me one they use when sending blood samples interstate & reckons the TF will be just fine, even for a couple of days until it can get to you & you then store it in your freezer. They buys heaps of my treats & are really supportive in terms of assessing everything I do from a vet's point of view.

    It's the only perishable I make. It's soft & really is "the bomb" in certain training circumstances. Good for dosing cats with pills as well my vet tells me. Break it in half, stick the tab in the middle, close it up "Here Kitty, Kitty", meds all gone.

    Sounds like you're all interested in me getting pro-active on this, so I'll bump it to my list of priorities & make it happen. I'll let you know when I get the right freezer pack. It has to be really light weight so the postage doesn't kill you.

    They come in 50 gram lots which is just enough for a training session. Keep them in the freezer until you're ready to use them. Hippo bought up big time when she last picked up an order, so that's the way to go. I'll let you know when I've got it sorted.

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    Great pics Loren.. whooohooooo, treat time, yum!.
    Speaking of which, I must have been on another planet, I didn't know about GSD and your treats. I'm all for supporting such an endeavour so will go and check it all out. They sound like they're the bomb! Cool.

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    Roly and Lady LOVE them Lynn!!
    Education not Legislation

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    I'd love a dollar for every time I heard "My dog is fussy/picky/has no interest in treats. He/she won't like yours."

    Seriously, people have said that? Jeez.

    I'll grab some, and if he acts like a turd I'll just pretend to eat them myself - that'll fix him.

    Thanks GSD4ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Roly and Lady LOVE them Lynn!!
    Told ya they would love them

    I was "speaking with "Loren" earlier when her treats arrived. The runner up offer of $15 free treats is for all orders placed & paid for by the "runners up" by the 15th of November.

    I never said it was a "one time, one order" offer ..... did I. *wink*

    So you get to know my products, I want you to try as many of the treats as possible. I'm prepared to give a bit for you to want to spend in the "Treats Gift Shop".

    As I said to "Loren" ... Happy shopping.

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