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Thread: World Dog Games Pics

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    Default World Dog Games Pics

    For those who couldnt make it on the weekend, some pics from games on Saturday below. We had a blast and came home with heaps of treats for Leo including a new home alone ball from Aussie dog! He loves it, will have to get some pics of him playing with his new toy but for now pics from the show on sat (I tired to upload to my previous thread but overloaded it i think and crashed it?)

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    (Media kept getting in my way )

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    Cool! looks like a great day, nice piccies!!

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    Looks like so much fun!
    I bet Border Collies, Kelpies and Collies were the most common breed there!
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    I'll bet it was a great day. I love the dockdiving,.
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    Thanks guys, was alot of fun

    aussiemyf7 - to right LOL, lots of BC's, Kelpie x's, and collies. a few pointers in the dock diving and a staffyx too.

    Its the first time we have seen dock diving in person, looks like great fun!

    Would have loved to have seen them go for longer (Games we between 12.30-3.00pm, with alot of Media talk break time in between if that makes sense)

    I have also heard it may be showing on channel 7 around mid December so keep your eyes peeled

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    Brilliant shots Leo!
    Looks like it didn't take you long to figure your camera out.
    Thanks for sharing. Lola's perfect for doggy sports. I should really do something with her.

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    LOL, thats 12 out of 250 odd shots like I actually liked and were worth posting Mags LOL Not so good!

    Same with Leo, hes perfect for sports. OH is also now quite keen to get him into flyball or frisbee... hes obedience is quite good but does need a bit of extra work to get him up to par (Recall starting to lack again, grr), ahh and then just the time factor. We are seriously looking into though

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