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Thread: Couple from the Weekend

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    Default Couple from the Weekend

    Very wet walks this weekend

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    Great pics!! Looks like a nice place to let the dogs off to play

    Candy ends up with her head and neck that wet just from other ppls dogs slobber and the water trough at the dog park..eww...

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    aww what gorgeous pics, Leo is looking as handsome as ever

    It was a "muddy" day for us yesterday at Stafford day out.

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    Thanks guys

    OM- Yup, Leos little bro Harpo (MIL Dog who lives next door) ends up the same! covered in drool from top to toe everytime they play.

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    Oh wow! There are some fantastic shots there Leo!!
    Can I ask what camera you're using?
    Honest that third one from the bottom is fantastic!
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Wonderfuol photos, as always, Leo looks like he is having such a wonderful time!

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    Thanks Choppa and Paw-sha I love going to the park with Leo on the weekends, he always has a BALL (LoL, no pun intended )

    Taken with my new Canon 450d Choppachop... just upgraded from a 4mega pixel Kodak a couple of weeks ago, big difference! LOL Loving my new canon camera, so will continue to Bamboozle you all with pics for a few more weeks yet, at least!

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    more pics (Told you i was going on pic overload!) NOTE how his right ear is ALWAYS out 'flyin away'... its Just the way it is LOL

    I just thought this one was funny, WHOOOOOO Flooded park puddle!:

    close up

    Leos 'HUH' face (As i was making funny noises) But look at all the colours in his fur when captured in the right light:

    Good looking boy waiting for his treats

    And just lounging around

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    Great pics! The park looks like fun. I love the third 'Huh?' pic in the second lot

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    Wow, great pics!!!

    We too have the 450d (well, its OHs). The camera is fantastic. Even I are able to take good pics with it

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