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Thread: Our Pooches * Before & Now *

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    Default Our Pooches * Before & Now *

    Thought this would be fun...if we all post pics of our pooches of when we first brought them home and now.
    Misi - Day1(6 months old)

    Misi last week(5 years old)
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    NJ 12 weeks old

    NJ 7 months old

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    Awww....NJ's gorgeous Four socks
    Love the little, spotty belly

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    I've never seen a full pic of NJ four socks...he's beautiful

    Candy at 10 weeks

    Candy at 9 months

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    Lola at 4months

    Lola now (11months old)

    I thought that the above pic made Lola look a bit mean, so here's a sweeter one
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    Awww...Candy's so beautiful. Gorgeous markings

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    Thank you Mags, Misi is gorgeous, As always love lola's black ears
    Thank you ozeymum, Candy What a face, cutie
    I'm trying to find a baby photo of charlie, He's my partner's dog, charlie has only been a part of my life for 3 years.
    ETA Lola always looks sweet, Mags
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    Thanks Four socks
    Where's Charlie?

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    And here's charlie 8 weeks old

    Charlie 10 years old

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    Awww...Charlie's cute! what a gorgeous man
    and the puppy pic is just adorable

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