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    Default Natural herding instinct

    Took this quick video on my phone (its terrible quality) of Dodge this afternoon. So this is Dodge showing off her natural herding instincts, she was just about mimicking every move of the chicken before i started filming, but once i started filming, the chicken moved and the trailer was in the way... oh well. She has had no training to be a working dog, its all instinct
    Dodge could seriously herd chickens all day, she loves it, yet she never hurts them Sometimes she gets so close that the chickens actually peck her on the nose She does the same thing with cattle! I've seen a few calves actually play with her when she is herding them!
    And of course you can hear Koda in the background, he gets jealous when I give Dodge attention and not him

    oh and when you hear me say "Dodge are you gonna get her?" I don't literally mean it, its just something i have always said to Dodge to get her excited and enthusiastic about something.

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    Love it ! Very talented – and reminded me of a couple of videos starring BCs ! They will herd anything !

    The Collie Walk - YouTube

    Best Border Collie herding kids video - YouTube

    We used to have a blue heeler cross when growing up. This pup didn't like us going near any sort of water when we were mooching around the neighbourhood - and used to herd us away from the water every time.
    If we didn't do what she wanted - we got a little nip on our bee hinds for not respecting her wishes ! Worked every time !

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    Watched and smiles..poweful instincts

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