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Thread: Borzoi Puppies

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    This is their dad on the coursing field:

    Mum hasn't been lure coursing - but all mine are good after rabbits at home, so there are no doubts about their ability to run!!

    This is one of our two tiny boys from the last litter, at 4 days old - in my hands:

    And this is one of these current babies at the same age, in one of my hands (camera in the other!):

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    Sooo cute...

    I've only ever seen Afgans, when I was a little kid there was a lady who lived down the street from me who had an Afgan and I used to go over and play with it. I thought it was the most exotic dog I'd ever seen. Plus I had a kids book about a naughty little Afgan pup who had some very regal name like Prince something, but he was always getting into mud and bushes and so he thought his name was 'What-A-Mess' because that's what everyone used to say when they saw him LOL your talk about the horse poo reminded me of that.

    I'm currently reading The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and literally the day after I saw your photos I read in the book that someone had Borzoi hunting dogs and I thought 'Wow I know what they look like!' Funny when that stuff happens.

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    Pretty cool synchronicity!

    There used to be a cartoon and a book series about an Afghan called "What-a-Mess". What-a-Mess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can find some of the cartoons on Youtube.

    There is a 1910 Borzoi hunting video on Youtube (sorry, it comes with a warning as it has live wolf hunting and also needs a sign-in or age verification. I don't approve of wolf hunting but it is historically interesting).

    It also contains short coated Russian sighthounds (Hortaya Borzaya) and a pack of scenthounds similar to Foxhounds. I also love the "Troikas" at the start, they are three-horse sleighs.

    Wolf hunting in Russia - Pathé Frères 1910 - YouTube

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    yes that's the cartoon/book i'm talking about I used to love it!

    The reference to the Borzoi hunting dogs in The Brothers Karamazov wasn't nice though, some evil insane lord used them to hunt down and kill an 8 yr old boy who had accidently lamed one of them the day before

    But then we are talking about 15th Century Russia so I'm presuming things are a bit nicer now
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    they do lure coarsing for non greyhounds in Victoria too. bernie's been 'to the dogs' a couple of time now, he's loved it. They do afghan nights too, which are awesome to see race.
    You have beautiful dogs. They look like every painting ive seen of them in stately homes. Regal indeed.

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    Crikey ejburke!! That sounds a bit rough...

    Lure coursing is fun for nearly all dogs. Mine get a bit spoiled for it as they get to chase rabbits, foxes and hares at home, so they can have limited interest in a lure... Actually the dad in the pics above bagged a hare the other day when out on the hills with my step daughter on her horse. Much as he looks like a show dog he's the real deal!

    Thanks Bernie. I love how they look devastatingly beautiful but are so easy to live with. They are the hidden secret of the dog world!

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    Maybe Borzoi need to be featured in some toilet paper ads.

    I can imagine showing how strong toilet paper is by using it as the lure in a lure coursing race... tho it would be spectacular snow if it got caught...

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