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Thread: Leo More Pics!

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    Leo's a great looking boy. I love the first two pics.

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    I have just spent over an hour adding new pics to my album , check it out and let me know what you think

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    hehe, thanks SH. My OH's mum (well may as well be my MIL after 10years hey! LOL but go tell that to my OH! Hint Hint!) was saying at the park the otherday when Leo was jumping "WOW, its like he CAN fly!" I said, "thats why he IS superdog!" I have a dark blue mazda so now i want to get a see through/shade kinda superman image/sticker thing on my back window, how cool! LOL So i can be superchick with my superdog! LOL yup, i know.....

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    *knows shes not as cool as Leo and sheepishly bows away*

    Ohh i know then, Maybe ill just make up my own little "superdog on board" suction sign like those "baby on board" ones you see LOL The mind boggles hey!

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    OH SH! LMAO.... You crack me up! May need to make up quite a few of those ones me thinks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Harmony View Post

    Hey if you get a custom suction sign for you car, can you also get one for me that says 'learn how to drive wanker' so i can stick it up when I'm driving round town! Ohhh such bad drivers here, my god!

    Ohh i know what type of bad drivers your talking about..the bloody Mexican's aka "Victorians" on holidays, they follow each other like dumb sheep, seen what they get up to on their holiday road trips up & down the Pacific High Way to QLD.

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