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Thread: What's breeds do you think are in my girl?

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    Default What's breeds do you think are in my girl?

    Hello everyone
    Here are some photos of my girl Luna
    I rescued her as a puppy (5 weeks) from some horrible people.
    The only information I was given was that she may be a mastiff/dane.
    She is around 6-7months and weighs about 20kg
    My purebred Great Dane puppy who is 14 weeks has already outgrown her so she is not very big at all.
    She is extremely energetic and a fast runner.
    Highly intelligent and enjoys agility.
    She was taken from her mother at around 3-4 weeks of age which has resulted in numerous behavioural problems that we have had to slowly overcome.
    She has a high prey drive.
    Here are some photos of her, I realise I will not know 100% what breeds are in her unless I get her DNA tested which I have been considering.
    She is the best dog and I love her to bits.
    She has a very long muzzle which is rather pointed





    I apologise for the bad quality of the photos, there where taken on my ipad.

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    Hi Ebonyrose and welcome to the fourum!
    I'm hopeless at guessing breeds so I'll leave the question to others
    But I have to say Luna has a beautiful face! I love the floppy ears and intelligent eyes.

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    Her face reminds me of a ridgeback though she has a bulkier frame + ears +the coloring would make me think there is possibly labrador in her.
    I'm hopeless at guessing though as well.

    She is gorgeous

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    The dark muzzle and pointy nose make me think of German Shepherd.

    The short coat and ears make me think of beagle - but there are quite a few breeds that have that. And the side on picture, looks like dachshund. Can't see anything great dane or mastiff.

    I'm not sure I'd bother with a DNA test any time soon - they're way too random to give any kind of reliable results and they are largely based on USA breed DNA. And I think there's been quite a few sneaky out crosses there before DNA tests were possible.

    I found somewhere on the web - and have since lost it - a poster that showed a bunch of dogs - with their DNA test results that listed breeds that were nothing like the dog in the photo.

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    I'm not that good at pick the breed either.
    Though I too think I can see some ridge back somewhere in her?
    Love her name and the the ears
    Regardless what she may be, she's a cutie and am so glad she has now found a good forever home.
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    Thank for the replies everyone
    Yes that's exactly it regardless of her breeds she is a fantastic dog.
    I agree I can not see any mastiff or Dane in her at all
    What I was thinking was a bit of ridgie or shepherd also
    Although her body and coat reminds me of a cattle dog.
    It has been a long road with her training as taken from mum at 3 weeks has caused a lot of behavioural problems but nothing we can't over come.
    Thanks for the guesses everyone I appreciate it.

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    Lovely pooch Ebonyrose......i'd happily bet my very last dollar that she has alot of Ridgeback in her.

    She looks very,very similar to my last dog Scooby who was a Ridgeback cross but mainly Ridgy. The head shape, the ears, body etc.etc.......Ridgy in there for sure methinks.

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    I quickly looked through the photos and let breeds pop into my head. If you look again they sometimes seem silly - it did in ths case ridgeback and german shepherd. I was glad to see these already suggested. She is lovely. What a kind and gentle face.

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    Hi Ebonyrose

    Not sure how you get cattle dog - there's no ticking. The coat is a bit too short - unless we're talking stumpy tail - and then there should be more blue and ticking (the spots or grey flecking through the coat), there's no black and tan colouring either, the ears and the face side on aren't right either...

    The side on of her lying down is a very similar pose to what my dog does - but she's not quite right - bodywise for a cattle dog either - body is a bit too long, Needs to be a little bit boofier around the shoulders. It's a bit hard to tell without more (right side up) photos.

    Lack of boofiness is also why I don't think there's much dane or mastiff in there. face is too pointy and shoulders too narrow.

    could be some dingo/kelpie tho.

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