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Thread: The art of zoomies

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    Default The art of zoomies

    I havent posted for a while so I thought before you all had to start putting up with my obnoxious posts again, Id do a nice wee picture reminder thread of my guys.

    Often in the evenings they like to do inside zoomies. It always makes me laugh and this particular night, I took a whole bunch of photos that show how my dogs have perfected the art of zoomies.

    It all starts off with a bit of love and affection on the couch

    Then Pippi decides she has had enough of Barneys advances and goes on the defensive

    With her huge size and strength she pins Barney

    But in doing so she slips off the chair and has to nip at his feet to entice him to the floor

    He eventually joins her whereby a bit of posturing begins

    Who is going to make the first move

    And then....ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

    And then, peace for a couple of hours!!!

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    Great to see you back Lala! Enjoyed the pics

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    +1 ^^^^^^^

    Welcome back - Lala !

    Loved the zoomie photos !

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