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    Well all puppies have now gone but 2.
    One girl that I am keeping and 1 boy that became sick
    so we have still got him and once recovered hope to keep him
    if the husband lets me . He was sold and the owners said they
    were willing to wait for him to recover but I agreed with the husband
    that it would not be right incase in years to come something happen.
    As the puppies were born on Australia day, our kids have named
    the boy Ozzie..
    He is the biggest puppy and such a head turner.Will update Pics when
    he is recovered.

    Here is a picture of my girl..
    Keyartay J'Mai

    She is such a beautiful girl.
    I have been attending a Kennel club in hope to put J'Mai
    in the show ring if she turns out to be what I am expecting..
    at the moment she stays at home until she has had her 2nd vaccination.

    J'Mai 8 Weeks Old

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    Look at those wise old eyes! Just gorgeous. Good luck in the show ring.
    I hope you boy recovers quickly, and that you are allowed to keep him

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    Yep her eyes are just gorgeous! , They drew me straight in. Cant wait to see Ozzie
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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