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Thread: Mojo and Bronx pics.

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    Thank you very much guys and gals

    It's kinda tricky to get a decent close up of Bronx...he's such a clingy dog and wont sit and wait for a he only comes inside when i'm making his dinner.

    He's starting to fill out a bit now and looks a bit healthier than when i got him.....he was a bit to skinny i reckon.

    LOL Jadie...i'm always grabbing Mojos face and squishying it right up. He looks either really sad or really serious so i just have to stir him up with a big facial. The other night he yawned just as i pulled his top droopy lips out and was the funniest thing i've ever seen. His whole mouth was HUGE !!! I could have put my whole head in there. He certainly is huggable daughter is always all over him.

    If you look at the pics you can also see a few black dots on his feet where the skin infection suddenly appeared. Thankfully its going away and we are finished the meds. He was wising up to my attempts to trick him in to eating the pills and was getting a bit grumpy with me. In the end if i covered them in yoghurt they went down the hatch without him even thinking about it.

    Now the suns back and the rains gone (touchwood)...........i'm hoping to make a new video of them and thier play fighting shenanigans soon.

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    oh dear Lord I love those dogs - perfectly narrated Sean, you could read Mojo's thoughts to a tee

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