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Thread: A Few Furry Video's

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    Default A Few Furry Video's

    JulieanneOoOo - YouTube

    Rafeal, Coco and Tinkerbell


    As you can see they have GREAT popularity...

    I feel like I post too many pic's/Vid's so I hope I'm not TOO annoying.

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    Love the tinkerbell vid - too funny

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    'Julieanne' - you said - 'I feel like I post too many pic's/Vid's so I hope I'm not TOO annoying.' - my answer - No, you don't and it could never be annoying or boring when they show your beautiful pets doing things !

    Loved the videos - really cute and funny !
    Poor Rafeal - didn't know what to do !

    Cheeky Coco wanting Tinkerbell to not stop and the big grin when the pussycat got the right spot ! Classic !

    More please !

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    silly Rafeal! what a mess

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    I must say, Coco is the leader of the pack and he loves being cleaned.
    Rafeal prefers to stand rather then get on the whole table because he hates getting down but insists on checking for food.
    I felt bad for Raffy, I should have used a heavier bowl. It wasn't long though before the floor was clean with Rafeal there.

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