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Thread: A few more Brock pics

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    What a friendly looking face, each photo is great, their better then the one's of my Chihuahua, they end up blurred while he's running off lol.
    BTW is Brock a staffy?

    Keep going with the updates

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    Hi Riley,

    I went through similar leg issues with Jack when he was young(and at a few stages through his life). Initially with Jack I took him off to the vets, but of course they can't diagnose anything without further scans and stuff(i.e $1000 ++++++). I must admit I find most vets(that i have dealt with) to be more interested in getting you to agree to yet another expensive test than actually treating the condition presented. I declined to go down the test route with Jack and simply eliminated any excited play(as much as possible) for a few weeks. Sure enough he came good and I saved who know's how many thousands. Don't get me wrong, if Brock was in serious pain and clearly had a serious problem I would be at the vets quick smart, but at this stage, it's simply he's a bit stiff and sore when he gets up from a sleep(very similar to what Jack was like with his issues), so i'm going down the same route I did with Jack.

    An example of vets simply being blood sucking leeches was with Jack and his heart condition. The vets he saw(at least 3 different ones) all wanted him to undergo many expensive tests and NOT ONCE offered him heart medication that would have helped his heart operate better. When his health deteriorated to a point where I decided it was "time", I didn't want him to have his final moments stressed inside a vet clinic. So after numerous calls and quotes ranging from $150 - $400 for someone to come to my home to euthanase him I stumbled across an older doctor and got a quote of $40, plus $50 to dispose of the body. When this vet turned up on the Jack's final night, his first question was, "what medication is he on?" My response "none!". He then went on to say how Jack could have been on medication for the past year to help his heart and improve his quality of life, NO TESTS REQUIRED! After talking a little more and him explaining that because he doesn't have a clinic he doesn't have the expensive machines to pay for, he can tell people how it is rather than trying to push people down the path of never ending tests and what not just to pay for the clinics overheads. Clearly he is now my vet of first choice. The only drawback is that because he doesn't have a clinic, he can't operate, BUT by consulting him first about Jack's eye, he saved me hundreds by recommending a vet who was not only trained in eye surgery but so much cheaper than every other vet it was ridiculous.

    Sorry, i'm ranting now, but I think you probably get my drift. My vet will be giving Brock his heart worm vac next week and I'll get him to check his legs then. In the mean time, Brock's rear leg has come good but still a little stiff in his front shoulder after a run/swim at the beach yesterday. I take him to the end of the beach where no one goes so he can run around and swim offlead without the tempation to go play with other dogs. I don't do on leash walks with im as he pulls and because i'll pretty much never do onleash walks with im I'm not interested in teaching him not to pull, and trying to teach him now would only aggravate his leg troubles while i stand still and he pulls.

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    I'll offer up another example of vets being blood sucking leeches. I think it was august 2011, I was at the park throwing the ball for Jack, as I did every day. For 5 minutes or so he disappeared behind the bushes, which wasn't unusual - a little time to rest and have a sniff around - eventually I called him and he came up and just layed down on the grass with the ball in front of him = very very unusual. Having heard several snakes had been seen in the area recently I quickly picked him up and got him in the car and off to the emergency vets. Rough timeline = we arrived at the vet hospital at 5.30pm, they whisked him away to their intensive care unit(i'd phoned ahead). I sat in the waiting area till nearly 6.30pm when a nurse came out to say "he's showing some signs of snakebite but not all, but we've had dogs just drop dead on us in these sort of circumstances, would you like us to perform a snakebite detection test?". Already a little skeptical i asked, "how much?" she replied "$350". my response was "ok and if he has been bitten what will it cost from there?" her response "$600 - $800". My response, "do it". An hour later the nurse finally comes back out to tell me that the snakebite detection kit was negative but the vets want to keep him in overnight for observation which will cost $1200. I asked to see my dog which reluctantly they agreed to and finding him happy with no obvious issues I declined to leave him there, figuring i'd watch him overnight and take him back if necessary.

    Looking back at the situation and having read more about snakebites in dogs, these vets were simply trying to milk money from me. They knew he hadn't been bitten by a snake, otherwise they wouldn't have waited an hour to run a snakebite detection test(if the ever did actually run that test). They play on people's emotions and offer you one bit at a time, with no mention of the additional costs of what may come - for example, when i asked what the cost would be if the snakebite detection test was positive, she said $600 - $800, no mention that they'd need to keep him there for at least overnight($1200) and probably longer($XXXXX).

    This episode was also the very first sign's of Jack's heart problems which they didn't pick up. Blood sucking leeches!
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