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Thread: Another guessing game.....what is this goof made off ???

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    To be brindle he needed to have at least one brindle parent. Brindle is known in Mastiff and Bullmastiff but not too common.

    I would say Bull Arab pigging x. Or Brindle bull breed x. .

    He looks too small to have much pure mastiff in there and I would think it may be a few gens back. And if he does, the width of his jaw would suggest Bullmastiff rather than Mastiff (English). Possibly Dogue but honestly he looks more likely to have Boxer than Dogue in the mix.

    The other possible input is American Bulldog type, as his head looks very bulldog to me.

    There's no clear sighthound in there. Whoever said Wolfhound or "Staghound" needs a breed identification refresher. His structure doesn't lend to sighthound type at all. The Bull Arab has sighthound blood way back, with a bunch of other input - but is selected to a bull breed type with longish legs. This boy has shorter legs as well which makes sighthound even less likely (or more far-distant!!)

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    Yep , I would say there is certainly some Amstaff there somewhere.
    In other words , probably a Bull Arab

    But lordy he's lovely!
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    Yeah I would agree with the AmStaff thing, Harley is only 30kg and his face shape is similar as are his lips! lol but who knows, maybe a candidate for DNA test? haha but then that would probably come back with pomeranian x border collie x something else

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    sean you better get a dna test on him
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    Great vid Sean. I'm sooo in love with Mojo What a stunner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruby mc nugget View Post
    sean you better get a dna test on him unreliable for me sorry. At the end of the day it really dosnt matter hat he is but i know we all like to have a guess at x breeds.

    For all i know he probably looks totally diffrent to both his parents !!! The joys of cross breeds hey !!

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys...means alot.

    I do know one thing for certain about what he is.........and thats disobedient !! LOL.....or stubborn ,..which i would be to if someone cut out my nangers !!!

    I'm ruling out the french thing totally and maybe the boxer thing too. Amstaff's at the top of the list so far !! Thanks guys.

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