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Thread: I am a father again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nev Allen View Post
    Update photo for all you puppy lovers out there. This is Porker, aka Wombat and now forever named by my daughter as Chanal, at 4 weeks. SHe has, in this last week come out of her shell and is a danger to exposed toes and loose teddy bears.

    Oh boy oh boy - she is soooooooo cute ! Porker or aka Wombat are definitely not names I would be giving her !

    Any clues as to what her final colour will be ?

    Please more photos !

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    She's getting cuttier as she grows
    very very beautiful pup

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    Very beautiful and spring is here so lots of exposed toes to chew good luck
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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    At this point she seems to be what is called a Mahogeny Sable but may still lighten up some more.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    So, at 5.5 weeks, mom has lost all interest and has dried up, and the pup is eating well. There is no reason to keep her at home so my Daughter has taken delivery of her new baby and she has settled in with her 3 dogs extremely well.

    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    New photo - excellent !!!!!!! She is sooooo beautiful !

    Now that she has left home - we will still be able to see new photos of her ?

    Pretty Please !!!!!

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    Miss Chanal is 9.5 weeks here and quite the wild princess. Have not had such a wild pup before. Not sure if it is just her nature or if it is because she was a solitary and grew up amongst a pack of adult dogs.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    Princess - yes ! She is absolutely beautiful ! Soooo cute !

    Wild child - pfft..... !!!!!!

    Personality plus - would be more like it !!!!!!

    Are you sure - 'Nev Allen' - that you are not passed it with puppies ?????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    Are you sure - 'Nev Allen' - that you are not passed it with puppies ?????????
    Never RileyJ. This one my daughter took but like all kids she keeps turning up on the doorstep.

    Our new BC, Syder, will be my wifes problem as the decision to get him was not, shall we say, democratic.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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