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Thread: My Bear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    How did i miss this thread ?????

    Spam away !!! He's awsome !!! Stoked to hear he's all yours and fitting well. Looks like your daughter has fallen in love too !!

    Looking forward to see and hearing all about your pooches antics as they get used to each other.
    That's what I was thinking! Bear is gorgeous! Glad he is settling in well

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I think my posts are missed due to the ridiculous times I post
    Bear has been to the vet and had his claw cut right back, he has had the 'cone of shame' for the last week. I took Kimba for her vaccinations and I had the vet check a lump on her paw. He gave me a mediated wash to use and she isn't allowed to lick it so I went home with 2 large dogs with 'the cone of shame! I have bruises all down the back of my legs from them walking behind me.
    Bear was great with his, it didn't bother him, Kimba just refused to move so hers is only put on when she cannot be supervised, it works out better as she wasn't impressed when Bear grabbed the edge of hers and tried to play tug of war with her.
    Two days ago he found out how to crush the side in and grab it with his teeth and 'carry' it around while wearing it. He was quite proud of his efforts too! lol

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