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Thread: Favourites

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    I love the pic of Ziggy with those Sunnies!

    I had trouble too.. don't know what I was thinking when I said just

    Mine -
    I love it when shes with the kids
    Kimba and Lily..

    Kimba and Brooke at their Princess tea party.

    I like this one I took the other day.. nothing special she was just looking at me like that.

    I like this one of Buddy. Kimbas always kissing him and he really has the expression like its his big old Aunt doing

    and Buddy as a pup..aww

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    Love all of them Hippo ... but the one with glasses is my favourite...and the one in the sand. Sooooo cute!

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    OMG Sharoo!
    They're soooo gorgeous! Every single one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    One of my favourites of Lola

    OHHH, this pic is so darn cute! Shes smiling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippo View Post
    They are all so cute!!! Love how Lola and Leo (in the second pic) have this smile on their face

    Here are my favourites from Ziggy (although I find it really hard to just pick a few...).

    LOVE the second last pic of Ziggy laying on the sand

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    and kimba kissing buddy! What a classic pic! It does look like he is getting kissed by an old auntie or alike LOL

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    Another fav. of Lola
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    Shes so pretty!

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    Thanks Leo!
    She's very sweet! She's changed a bit since though. I'll have to post a recent one of her...

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    Here are some of my favourites:

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