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Thread: One dogs face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post

    My missus reckons they are 3 diffrent dogs there !!
    I must admit a lot of people think that.........I often post pics on a newfie forum and they ask if i have a new dog. And they are used to newfies

    I always thought it a shame this one was not a clearer picture, she has the most expressive eyes

    And this is the first picture we ever saw of her......from newfie rescue "can you please take this dog??" LOL suckered in straight away, surely she could not be as bad as they said she was. I was wrong, she was LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by cavalierqld View Post
    Beautful pics, 4th is my favorite and seems the most alert face of them all...were you holding treats?.....

    And Newsfie...the last photo, you need to be aware not to take a pic...just before she knows your going to beat her with a stick...
    Just calling her name...she loves her name
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