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Thread: Newfoundland dog Standard description

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    lol my sister was with me today she looks around and go.s kassie what that pointing to a big black dog thats a Newfie then she says its so big and fluffy and i said
    what it,s so fluffy that your going to die she when yep so i when up and pated it but i gotta amit Newfies are 4 times bigger and fluffy than nugget
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    I've never met a newfie in person, but found out recently a girl at work has a black/white female so I'm going to try and meet her.

    It must be so rewarding doing the water rescue, is it your hubby that goes out to be "saved" in the choppy water?

    LOL at Annabelle's attitude, I like it !! Bless Katy, I love seeing photos of her!

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    I was reading the breed standard, thinking it sounds a lot like... ME!!!!!!!!! AND I have a heavy coat!!!!!!!!!!! How do they know these things!!!!!!!!!! Well, I don't have webbed feet, but I have flippers, somewhere...

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    I <3 Newfs. They absolutely amazing & my favorite breed Would love to own one, one day!!

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    Now I know...pays to look around the forum . I know if I was in trouble (which is likely as not a strong swimmer) I would love to be saved by a Newfie, especially by Katy only because Annabelle dosen't know me LOL. What a great instinct for a dog to have. Reminds me of the movie Blindsided - the protective instinct. If only all humans could have this instinct wouldn't our world be a better place for all...
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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