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Thread: Great Danes

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    Talking Great Danes

    Thought I should start one here!

    A place to start a pic thread, or chat about the "Apollo" Breed.. etc

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    "Tiger Brindle":


    Mis Mark Black/Mantle:



    Merlequin: (this is not desired)

    Brindlequin: (not desired)

    Blue Harlequin/ Platinum Harl: (not desired)

    Fawnequin: (not desired)


    White: often Deaf/ carrying the "death gene"

    and sadly ...
    Chocolate Mantle:

    Chocolate Merle:
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    I still get weirded out seeing pics of mantles in the show ring... There aren't any where I live, I'm a fawn girl through and through Grew up with 8 of the buggers

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    Awww, they grow up way too fast! Won't be long before you are begging for that puppy stage back
    He looks lovely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Awww, they grow up way too fast! Won't be long before you are begging for that puppy stage back
    He looks lovely
    haha yes and no.. I love what they grow into.. plus once he's fully grown I won't be stressing so hard while he plays

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    Yeah, it must be hard having to limit what they can do. I stressed a bit with Hamish and he is no where near as big.

    Some of those colours are interesting. Haven't seen some before.
    I'd love either a Merle or a Harlequin one day.

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    it's sad all the "designer" .. "rare" colors that come from poor breeding..

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    Ohhhh, fantastic dogs! Would love to have one one day but their life expectancy puts me off a bit... Crested I hope you don't mind me asking, how old did yours get?

    Loves.Danes more pics of Jasper pleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!! He is just..... I can't describe it with words

    only, can you make the pics a big larger... I can hardly see him

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    pmsl Hippo!

    I sure will post more!! and larger (wasn't sure if larger meant exceeding limits etc)

    With great breeders around life expectancy is far better.. my boy comes from a line that 10yrs (some older) is what's achieved.. better than 5-7yrs. Breeder isn't going to breed anymore though =o( Sad for that, but there are many great breeders around so not the end of a good thing!
    At the end of the day their lifestyle also plays a factor.
    I will never be without a Dane by my side.. my OH has even jumped on the wagon =o)
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    They are just lovely.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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