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Thread: Great Danes

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    Awww, beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippo View Post
    Ohhhh, fantastic dogs! Would love to have one one day but their life expectancy puts me off a bit... Crested I hope you don't mind me asking, how old did yours get?
    No problem... they were my parents but they won't mind me sharing.

    Orion - 10 - Cardiomyopathy
    Olivia - 11 - unknown (went in her sleep old dear)
    Heidi - 10 - unknown (although we honestly think it had something to do with Olivias death - they were best friends)
    Johnny - 6 - Cardiomyopathy
    Walker - 9 - unknown
    Morgan - 9 - Possible poisoning

    Kade - 3 - Still an evil pup!

    The life span is a huge drawback - But if you buy from a healthy line you can expect a longer life. Cardio isn't as much of a problem these days but you still have to be careful with bloat which is hereditary.

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    Default Puppy ride

    We have a magnificent Blue Merle, which I understand is one of those "unwanted" mutations, but ours is a loving mutt all the same - see the photo.

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    Merles happen all the time when breeding Harlequins, he looks like a sweetie Snakeman.

    I have to be a debbie downer and comment though... please don't let your kid 'ride' the dog, that's a surefire way to give your dog back problems later in life!

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    Default Puppy riding...

    Don't panic, we don't ride him all the time ... it was solely for the photo!
    But now that you mention it, I tell people "We let the kids ride the puppies and we kill about ten dogs a year..." - amazing that people believe my dog stories sometimes!
    All the best

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