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    Have just returned from taking Molly to the vet for her CDV jab. She certainly won all hearts there. Vets daughter went ga-ga over her with her markings in particular. She also had her anal glands cleared as she had started to do some bum-scooting. That part she was not impressed with, she tried to climb up on my shoulder and it was a "Mum, help me, that naughty lady has her finger up my clacker". lol So, a very healthy girl, all jabs up to date, wormed, and her weight is 15.4 KG's a little light to what I would have thought, but she is in excellent health so thats the main thing.
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    Awwww, good golly miss are one wonderful healthy gal. Great to hear, Pei.

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    Excellent news! Miss Molly sounds like a mummy's girl! Glad all is well and she is such a healthy girl!

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