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Thread: Rottweiler

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    Kevin was a beautiful dog.
    He was a mess of bad breeding. Looked fabulous, but really really nervous.
    eg. would spook at seeing a magazine on the sofa, would leg it if people came toward him, he'd be terrified of shiny things. You could use a saucepan as a stair gate, as he wouldnt walk past it too fearful.
    Only when he was being handled by myself, did the confident dog come out. The trust that dog showed in me was so poignant. Sometimes its these difficult dogs where you work seriously hard to help them overcome their troubles, that you get this special bond.

    Dumb as two short planks, clumsy as all hell. he was adorable. Slightly blind as it turned out, but adorable.

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    I think I would have loved to have known Kevin. (Not a favorite name of mine, but a hoot for a rotty). I've saved 2 rotties, and I'm very fond of them. I had a huge rescued ram, I thought needed a blue singlet to look like Trevor the truck driver, but he turned out to have the manners of an elderly aristocrat, and lived in the backyard, (big), with my dogs, etc. He was named Clive. I'm so sorry you lost him early. Always, it's the sad and damaged and difficult dogs that you remember most. When you reach them, it is like an addictive drug.

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    Love the Rotti pics I've attached some of Boss, the more recent he is 6months in.

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    Omg the first few pics I was thinking did u just steal some pics of my boy Harley. Even same collar and floor lol. He is a beautiful boy

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    Stunning photos everyone! Some very handsome Rottis in here
    Owning a dog should be a partnership. Much like a good marriage it should be based on love, trust and devotion until death do you part.
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