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Thread: Labrador retrievers

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    Thumbs up Labrador retrievers

    Thought I would start a Labrador Group for thoes who have, thoes who have had and thoes who are thinking of The Wonderful Labrador! Any comments, photos, stories....or other are very welcome! I look forward to hearing all about your beloved....good and bad....happy and sad, anything you want really!
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    This is our wise old soul, Charlie

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    What a beautiful, happy boy Charlie is! How old is he now?
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    Paw-Sha Enjoying her free time.

    All these Photos were taken on 03.10.09
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    Here's a couple of pictures of my gorgeous Holly. I still miss her every day!!
    I said I wouldn't have another Lab as I thought I would always compare them to Holly but when it comes to getting another dog I don't think I can resist getting another one. Not till Jenna is grown up though.

    The best things in life, aren't things

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    Charlie just turned 10 on the 16th of sep
    Paw-Sha, looks like a real sweetie
    Tkay, the puppy photo of Holly is so cute

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    Default What I miss about Holly

    I've been thinking about my gorgeous Holly again today (same as every day really) and what I really miss is:

    Her head resting on my lap while I was eating my sandwiches, I never gave in to her 'begging' but she never gave up trying

    Hearing the thud, thud, thud of her tail in the morning by my bedroom door as she waited for me to come out of the bedroom.

    Getting 'whipped' by said tail, if you got in the way.

    The whole bottom wiggle when you get home (although we do get this with Jenna)

    Watching her leap into the waves at the beach. We always said we should get her her own surf board. Jenna is still unsure about the sea.

    and lots more

    Love you and miss you every day Holly xx
    The best things in life, aren't things

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    Oh, lovely memories of Holly! Thanks Tkay for sharing.

    Happy 70th Birthday to good old Charlie for the 16th September....Sorry I didn't know earlier.
    Did he recieve any presents or treats for his Birthday? he did!
    Lucky boy.

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    Tkay, I know how you are feeling.
    Sometimes life just dishes out things which are hard to deal with.
    Don't be sad anymore.....I know it hurts not to have her around physically....but you hold on the her memories and treasure and value the time that you did have together close to your heart. She lives on, in you and everyone who was lucky enough to have her in their lives.

    I miss my boy Buddy, he was a Labrador x blue heeler.
    I had to put him to sleep due to bone cancer, he was 10 1/2 when he passed. I raised him from a six week old pup. His name said it all....he was my best friend/my mate. He will always live on in my memories and no-one can take that from me.

    Buddy at six weeks old, taken on 23rd June 1997.

    Buddy and I

    Buddy was never allowed on the beds.....untill Mum and Dad went out! Shhhhh, don't tell

    Buddy at six months of age with his first pass in obedience class

    This is the last Photo I have of my boy, R.I.P mate.....see you again at rainbow bridge

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    I just wanted to pop my head in here - I've been asking a few Q's about Labradors in the puppy section, but I found this thread and thought I'd join in. We're awaiting the arrival of our new family member from a registered breeder around Late Jan / Early Feb. I am keen to read anything about Labs and read any stories that you have to share!

    Paw-Sha - thanks so much for the PM and I love your photos, she is a gorgeous girl!


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