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Thread: Labrador retrievers

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    labs are soo georgeous! really want one but got enough dogs at the moment

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    Hi, i am very interested in buying a lab pup but as ive been talking to family and friend members they have made me aware that they are dig the grass up,pull things off the clothes line and become destructive. i work 8 hours a day but my mother is home full time. I also have a dashhound and have had her for 8 years i am willing to take it to a puppy school and the close by dog park every day after it gets it needles. Anything that you can give me will be great i reli want one but want to know more about them... thankyou, Amy

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    Yep they are or can be destructive... crikey bessey even chewed the bumper bar on my name it she destroyed it. But then so did the kelpie we had, actually I think he could have been worse. Any dog will destroy your garden and chew your shoes though....
    We currently have a 10 wk old chocolate lab, I am a stay at home mum, but she has already gotten into the chook pen and eaten their days worth of food.... she destroyed a pair of thongs and has shown a liking for chewing and grabing/mouthing at the plants. They are just playful intellegant dogs and when given 2 awake minutes where you are not watching them they will find their own fun.....
    The biggest thing I can say is DO NOT get a lab if you: dont intend to do dog obiedience every wk for at least the first 3 yrs, intend on training the dog every day, playing with the dog everyday until they dont want to play any more, if you dont want a dog to follow you everywhere and be right at your side ( some people find it annoying), if you dont like boysterous fully grown dogs ( they WILL act like a puppy till they are about 3 and loose themselves in play until the day they die)and if you are wanting a 100% outside dog then I doubt the breed is for you.
    They are a lovely dog and I would not have anything else.... But I have also never recommended anyone get the breed simply because I know how much of a handful they can be .

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