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Thread: Labrador retrievers

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    Aww, bless your cotton socks Hazel!
    You are welcome here any time!
    Will you be able to witness the birth of your new fur baby?? I unfortunatly missed out on the birth of mine. I myself would have loved to have seen and experienced it!

    Will you be getting a male or a female pup??

    I can give you a Hot tip before getting your new pup home.......If he/she can chew it, eat it, and or shallow it.....IT WILL!! so hide/cover/ move and protect all you can see in the space it will be in/at. Honestly a Labrador puppy is very hard work! and it takes careful planning not to lose your cool with this breed.
    Labrador pups as you probably already know do not grow up till they are at least 2 years of age....that is no will have a testing puppy for a long time. You have to be very strict and patient with him/her from the moment you lay eyes on them.
    I can't recomend Pre-Puppy school enough!! This will help to socialise your pup with other dogs and with people. It is usally a 4-6 week puppy course (held at your local vet), which will help your pup to adjust to other members of the public. This will make life for you and your new pup much more relaxed and enjoyable in the future.

    Can I ask where in Australia you are from?? You can PM me if you prefer.
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    Hazel, I have found a few links that may help you:

    Training A Labrador Puppy using the latest dog training techniques for Labradors

    Hope this helps!
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    The first dog my husband ever owned was a Labrador. Adrian adopted Andy a week after we were married. His father didn't like dogs and Adrian had never been allowed a dog as a child.

    I was Assistant Manager of an animal shelter and Andy was on death row. He was almost five years old and the biggest, blackest Labrador I had ever met. Husband Adrian looked through the kennels and finally narrowed his choice down to two dogs. One was a blind Collie and the other was big black Andy. Adrian couldn't make up his mind but then the Collie club rang and said they had found a home for the blind Collie. So we took Andy home.

    Andy had a lot of good points. He was patient and gentle with children, loved my Border Collie x Kelpie and adored the cats. He was very kind and fatherly towards the injured and orphaned wildlife we cared for at home and safe with our chooks and other livestock.

    He did have some bad points. Like a bulldozer Andy went through anything that stood in his way. He didn't jump over fences or dig under them. He went through them. That was why I took him to work with me every day. He loved going to work and socialising with the people and animals.

    One Christmas our neighbours were unloading their shopping and left their car door open. Adrian was returning from a walk with Andy. He opened the front door to let the dog in but Andy had vanished. Minutes later he returned and asked to be let into the back yard. I was in a hurry and didn't notice he was carrying something in his mouth. Much later I discovered him chopping happily on a huge leg of ham. We didn't find out until much later he had stolen it from the neighbour's car.

    Andy was a great dog. An angel most of the time but when he was bad, he was very very bad.

    Sadly he developed a brain tumour when he was 7 and we had to let him go. We were with him at the end of course. He shook paws with Adrian and licked the top of my head as I raised the vein for the Vet. He went very gently.

    We have never forgotten Andy our mad, bad black Lab with a heart of gold.

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    That was such a beautiful story Deerhound. Loved the bit about the stolen ham!! made me laugh a lot! Thank you for sharing your story.

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    hi i a new to the forum.... decided to join as I am awaiting the birth of my new tornado ( puppy lab) I have had a lab before, I got her when I was 18, I lost her 2 wks after my 2nd son was born 7 yrs later. She had issues from not long after I got her, intropia ( sp?) got her desexed and it messed with her hormones so she was always on meds for that. She has massively allergic to insects.... not good with a puppy lab who looooved sticking her big head into places it shouldnt go. i would come home from work and she would have welts all over her face, her eye lids would be swollen inside out her lips the same....all because she was bitten by something.....then she started having seizurs... She was diagnosed with epilepsy at 12 months. Meds every day for the rest of her life for that too. Then she started regularly getting pancriatitis, no matter how strict we where with what she ate, she would just get it at the drop of a hat.....Eventually she lost her sight, and in the last month developed diabeties and liver disease from all the meds she had been on.......But she was absolutely perfect to me! Even the instructor at dog school regularly commented at the way she looked at me, we where meant to be together. She was amazing, beautiful, naughty and nuts!
    She was THE BEST FRIEND I could have ever wanted. I miss her everyday. I cry whenever I think about her and i can still feel her with me.
    But I have this part of me missing, my hubby the kids my beagle chooks horses.... nothing will fill this place, only a lab can fix this!

    So I have done lots of research, and found a breeder I really like. Her dogs are beautiful, their scores amazing... it all seems right.
    So come the end of feb I will be the proud mum of one female ( hopefully she doesnt have a full boy litter)either choc or yellow ball of energy....and will bring her home just after easter

    I am so looking forward to starting dog school with her, to taking her on walks... cos my beagle just does not do walks, lol. And having her take up the little space left in my bed after hubby the kids the cat and abbey the beagle.
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    That's so sad about your girl, Lilly. Good on you for giving her the love (and vet treatment) that she needed so that she could be happy. Many people would probably have to give a dog with those problems up. I'm so glad that despite all her troubles, you showed you how amazing Labradors are. I grew up with small white fluffies and they just don't compare to Labs. I'm lucky to be loved by 3 Labs, 2 of which belong to my bf's father. Our girl Suzie is the most perfect dog i've ever met.

    Which state are you in? I'm keeping an eye out for good Labrador breeders in NSW for the time when our girl eventually passes (hopefully not for a very long time but she is nearly 13 now).

    That's so exciting! The time will sneak up before you know it. Yellows are my favourite colour but Chocs can be just as cute (not to be mean to Black Labs, my bf's father's black lab Lily is adorable). When you get your little baby you'll have to share some pics, I love seeing puppy Labs.

    I saw this thread when I first joined but all the Lab lovers don't seem to post here much anymore, so glad that there's another Lab lover here now

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    Bessy really was the million dollar dog that is for sure, but she was worth it ten times over. I had a great relationship with the vet staff, lol. They actually knew my vioce!

    here is a link to the mum of the pup I am hopeing to get. Bremaroo Black Pearl - Owned by Mrs J E Smith and this is one of her puppies Bremaroo Black Pearl - Owned by Mrs J E Smith and Goldotillie Black Rose - Owned by Julie & Ian Smith
    Mum carries all 3 colours, dad is a choc...... so it could be a real mix to choose from.
    I am in SA. I actually found it a little hard to find a breeder that bred from dogs with really good scores and that I really clicked with, but this lady is lovely! And I really couldnt ask for better chances with the scores of the parents
    Oh and dont worry.... I will be a big poster of photos when I get her

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    Ah, I used to live in SA but now live in NSW. They're nice looking dogs and the breeder sounds really good. Glad to hear that you finally found someone that you're comfortable with. And it's really good that their dogs carry all colours, i'm always a bit wary when I see breeders that just breed chocolate or just black.

    My boyfriend's mum has that kind of relationship with our vet, pretty sure she's been using the same vet for many many years. She even gave Suzie a small Kong for Christmas when we had to take her in last.

    I'm so excited for you. No other dog will ever replace Bessy for you, but they will find a special place in your heart and enrich your life in so many ways. And I think that once you find the breed for you, the first dog that made you fall in love with the breed will always be extra special.

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    Must admit, If i could not have newfies, I would own labradors. i love them. My friend breeds them and obedience trials/show and works them as gun dogs. they are a great dog to train. We love going to obedience with all of them. Our kennel Club call us the Canadians (labrador/newfoundland)
    Pets are forever

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    I have never seen this thread before, and I dont exactly own a lab.

    We own what we think is a lab x (though we really have no idea as he came form the SPCA)...but he looks pretty labby and from reading some of these stories he sounds very much like a lab, for example the bulldozing their way through everything instead of going around or over. Eating everything etc.

    Hopefully you guys dont mind me hanging out here with my "pretend lab" LOL

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