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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    I reckon she's thinking "Do i have to got out in the public looking like this". But she looks pretty in pink

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    aww Misi looks so fashionable in her pink jumper, luv the heart bling on her collar, what a real girlie girl

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    Yep bling,bling...The studs around her collar have big diamonties on it too, you should see her in the sun...blinding bling, bling-just so people don't think she's a boy.

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    ohh gets me beat how pp could think that Mimi is a boy, shes so feminine, dont ppl notice that she aint got a sausage & 2 meat balls showing

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    That's what she reckons ...

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    Southern Harmony, Got any picture's of your Lola and Zep to share

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Harmony View Post
    Ok, these colours are getting out of hand! There is a new Staffy rule .. NO PINKS! Even if you're a girl pooch and gorgeous as ever!

    Just jokes Mags, you know how much I love Mis even if she is wearing pink!
    Misi wanted me to let you know that pink's ok to bum around the house in, but she wouldn't be seen dead wearing it out in public
    She sends sloppy,slobbery kisses for calling her gorgeous

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    aww Misi, go for the leopard print & more bling, be a proper "diva" !!!!!!.. the boy dggies will go wild over you wearing leopard print

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    Zep and Lola are sooooooooooo gorgeous! I love them! They remind me of Mis and Loles sooooooo much

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    aww what sweet pics of Lola & Zep, both are so gorgeous

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