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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Awww...what a gorgeous face. 'Bless him " Love the mud on his chin.

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    aww bless him, what a very cute face

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    This is NJ grumpy face, When he wants our bed to himself

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    Love it!

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    LOL, Leo wouldnt dare look at me like that from my bed! He knows he not allowed on it, but does get cheeky sometimes and gets on our bed to 'get his wiggle on' as I call it (Lays on his back doing a wiggle with huge smile on his face) I can hear him from any other room (As he talks while he gets his wiggle on) and usually walk and ask U RIGHT?? He always jumps off and looks around the room as if to say, whoo... what... me? NAH! (And i cant help but smile and laugh at him so he knows hes gotten away with it, CHEEKY!)

    Sunday mornings he is allowed on the bed (by invite) and we get a bit of a wiggle on together hehehe Its quite funny

    Love the mud eating pic too! He was such a cutie as a wee tyke

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    Awww...Leo rocks! Love him

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    Thanks guy's,
    Leo, love the way you describe it (gets his wiggle on)

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    Quote Originally Posted by four socks View Post
    This is NJ grumpy face, When he wants our bed to himself

    aww that sure is a "im pissed off" look, how dare someone disturb your comfy snooze NJ

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    NJ is a serious spunk,no matter the face or trouble he's in
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    My mum bought Misi a new jumper yesterday...Mis didn't seem to think too much of it...maybe it's too pink

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