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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Welcome to our little group
    Floyd's very handsome!
    and Zeppelin as well, rip little guy

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    Big thankies to all for your warm welcome ... yes Zeppelin & my memories of him mean the world to me & is missed dearly every day.

    You know what they say, once a Stafford gets inside your heart you can never forget them, bloody cheeky dogs hey lol

    aww what a cute pic of Lola & Jet, both are gorgeous, thank you 4 sharing..
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    Took this one of Misi today. Looking very serious

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    aww that's a lovely piccy of sweet Misi, what is she so focused on, its it food lol..

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    I was playing soccer with Lola and Misi decided to come out and see what was going on. I'd just kicked the ball to Lola and Misi just stood there staring, she joined in after that and they chased each other for ages.

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    Great photo of Misi, Mag's
    Love to know what Lola, Tsar and Vandalay are

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    SH, The photo of Lola and Jet on the lounge made me

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    Great pic!

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    LOL thats a funny pic of Lola, Tsar & Vandalay... "go girl" good on ya Lola for teasing & taunting

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    NJ busted eating mud

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