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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Uploaded with

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    aww Mike, your boy is looking as stunning as ever, but why wouldn't he though, after all he is a SBT & imo all SBT's are very gorgeous

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    Hey there my name is Jason; This is my boy Tank, he is 4 1/2 months old at the moment. I have had Staffies my whole life but he is my first own puppy as a "adult".
    He has done puppy school and is looking forward to starting his bronze obedience certificate.

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    sorry for double posting, here is a few pictures of Tank(the brindle) and his mate Aphex.
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    Hi Jason & Tank &

    Tank sure is an adorable boy

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    awweee gorgeous Jason!

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    Quote Originally Posted by four socks View Post
    Staffy, Stafford's, Staffies, Staffordshire bull terriers, + X's
    All welcome,

    Thought I would start this for all the fan's of this amazing breed
    Picture's are a must.
    here are some pics of Mr Tank for you all

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    Here is a pic of Tank and his mate Brute. Neither have a nasty bone in there body. He is all tuckered out now and having a sleep on the couch
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    Here's some recent pics of my lot

    Wally 4yo

    Morgan 5 1/2mths

    Neyla (being coy) 7 1/2mths

    Snaffy is not wanting her picture taken today so that will have to wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowStaff View Post

    Snaffy is not wanting her picture taken today so that will have to wait
    WOW, do you have four dogs! That would be great, I have enough trouble talking my partner into getting a second one

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