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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    I was looking through photo's, I found some of tyson smiling, I'm yet to get some of NJ he's camera
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    Great pics! Love NJ being shy-soooo cute!

    Wow! Gorgeous! I agree, I get my girls all buggered before I take pics of them, that's probably why most of the pics are of them sleeping.
    Feel the same about music. Hubby and I are Beatles fans too and Queen.

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    Just thought I'd share this with you. I've had it saved for ages. I love it. Cheers me up everytime
    YouTube - Skateboarding Staffy

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    Love the skateboarding staffy,That's cool. Here are some photo's of NJ, This is what he gives me to work with when he is buggered.

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    I got NJ smiling on camera, That's a first
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    He's soooooooo cute!
    YEY! A big Stafford grin, well done. Love it!
    Hey what's he doing with my girls blanket? They have the same one on the back seat of my car.

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    NJ loves his blankets, He has this brown mink blanket that i throw over him when he is on the lounge, ok "his lounge" when it is time for bed he drags it down the hallway to his bed. It's funny to watch

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    Yippeee a Staffordshire topic for all us Stafford owners

    awww Everyone's Staffords are just so gorgeous

    Well here's a few pics of my Stafford's "Floyd" & "Zeppelin" RIP ....


    "Zeppelin" my 1st SBT..RIP August 07

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    Welcome, Floyd is gorgeous, love the smile
    R.I.P Zeppelin

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