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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Hi fellow Stafford ppls..

    Silly me posted some pics of big bum Floyd in the wrong topic, i should have posted the pics here instead, so here are some of him at the beach on the weekend

    Hey where's Lily going, "come back Lily"

    Ohh me wearing my new brilliant "everyday collar" that Chris/Soverencraft crafted for me

    ohh shit, i best run for my life, the nasty big wave is crashing into the rocks

    aww Mum this pic is a bit blury

    aww i'm being a "crash test doggy" for Chris, i'm putting my new collar thro some water tests, my collar held up just fine

    Me & Taylor racing along the beach & yes i won the race of course

    Look out Mum here i come to bowl you over

    Me later on in the same arvo, pic taken at Stanwell Tops, note the change of bling around my neck from the beach pics, my Mum with the help of Chris/Soverencraft has gotten me some awesome bling to parade around in

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    AF- looked like a realy fun day out.

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    Beautiful photos AF.
    Looking good Floydy Boy
    I love 'here i come to bowl you over'.

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    AF - Those photos are awesome! He looks so happy.. I would love to take my dogs to the beach, but the closest is around 2.5 hours away.

    Foursocks - She really gets so focused. I think thats why she is so smart.

    We have had the trainer here twice and she just excelled. She will sit and stay when your feeding her and will only move when you say "free", she will sit and stay while you go and hide in the yard (like hide and seek) or if you decide to go back. She walks in the heel position now. Shes just incredible, I love her to bits.

    Sam, who i adore with my whole heart is about as smart as a peice of paper. Poor lad, he is just so happy to be loved he sits there with that big grin face and says, yeah yeah just love me. He is getting there though, slowly. Mummy needs to be patient and practice her deep breathing.

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    Hi all, just spent some time looking at all the Staffy stars, gotta luv 'em.

    Thanks for pointing me in this direction Aussie Floyd.

    I guess it wouldn't be right to say hi without adding a few picture of Rocky.

    A few photos from the phone when he first made himself at home (6 weeks)

    And here he is at 10 months

    He's just had his first birthday on Sunday.

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    Hi Jeremy &

    OMG Rocky is so adorable, luv he's puppy pics, bet its hard not to hug him all day long

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    Awww look at that little boy.

    Welcome, your pooch is so adorable..

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    Sooooo cute!
    Love him

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    Awww, Rocky is stunning! loving the last 2 pics

    Welcome to you both

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    Wow Rocky's a stunner aboard Jeremy.
    Bit late but Happy 1st Birthday Rocky

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