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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Misi with her indestructible toy. It drives her nuts, she barks at it, cries, shakes all because she can't destroy it

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    Soverencraft-Awww... Biscuit and Molly look like very lovely dogs
    Mags- Where did you get Misi's toy from? Please

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    Hey 4 socks
    I got it from an 'Animal Expo' from (i'm pretty sure) a bark busters stand.
    It's the only toy she hasn't been able to destroy
    I'm pretty sure that that's the one
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    awww Chris, Molly is a gorgeous girl

    FS... here is a beaut ball for Staffy's, it's a bit pricey, i've read that its indestructible & Staffy proof

    Staffy Ball - Toughest dog ball - Developed for lions! - eBay Toys, Dogs, Pet Supplies, Home. (end time 03-Oct-09 19:55:03 AEST)

    Aussie Dog - Animal enrichment products, Enriching the lives of animals all over the world

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    Thank you Mags
    AF I've heard good and bad about those balls they say they can't be destroyed. But I've read that some staffy's have destroyed them.

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    Aww love hte pics! Mollys a cutie!

    & Been thinking of getting one of the buster cubes for Leo too

    Leo has a staffy ball.... i really dont like it! LOL he makes SOOO MUCH noise when he plays with it, cant play with it in the backyard! And if we take it to the park he is SOO into his ball, he doesnt listern to anything else, want to play with other dogs at all, just BALL! but thats just Leo, he is BALL CRAZY! and it drives him nuts that he cant pick it up i think, its really annoying! But i do love the aussie dog range over all, it honestly is so tough! been thinking of splashing out and getting one of the at home ball haninging things for my big boof

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    Awww Mags I reckon Sass and Misi could be twins.

    Sov - Your puppy is heavenly.

    I thought i would add some sassy frassy pics.

    Sammich wanted to be in this photo.

    She is actually doing her sit and stay here. She gets very focused when doing it.

    Sam's happy face and sass still sitting and staying.

    Such a pretty girl.

    And this one isnt a staff pic, but one of me and my happy boy.

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    aww what sweet pics of your gorgeous well behaved dogs, they sure look so cute together

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    Hey Dreamingoflove
    They do look alike.
    Your guys are a gorgeous!
    That's a sweet pic of you and Sam

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    Dreamingoflove- Sam and Sassy are beautiful, Sassy is a pretty girl and looks so focused. I like the one of Sam smiling

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