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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Mags-Look at that sweet face on misi, isn't that just beautiful.

    leo-I've always loved the staffy smile, It's real charactor. Wow your boys chest is white, If only i could keep NJ feet that white.
    p.s never get sick of photo's

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    That's so sweet! We feel the same. We've always loved Leo and we'd have him here anytime.
    Ps. The more photos the better, I say

    Thank you! I love Misis face, she's so epressive it's funny. My favourite is the Stafford smile too. Here's a classic...

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    WOW, That made my day, I love that photo Mags, that's unreal!!!

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    Thanks 4 socks!

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    Mags- Love that pic of Missi! You have to smile youself when you see that staffy smile!

    Great pics southern harmony Love the one of zep. & the beach pic of Scozza, RIP, he looks lovely. & the one of Lola! She looks like a real water baby! LOL Ok, i just love them all!

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    oh & four socks, Leo has white feet too, all 4 but they NEVER stay white for long LOL

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    Love them all! I'm the same, could look at Staffy pics all day.
    Scozza's gorgeous. Reminds me of my 1st Stafford...I have a shot of him with sunnies on too somewhere...will have to look.
    (are you a beatles fan?)

    Yes I laugh whenever I see that pic, it's a classic. I got a new camera the other day and was trying to take pics of her but she puts her head down now or yawns... Over-photographed

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    See what i mean

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    Southern Harmony, Great photo's, Wish i could keep sunny's on NJ but he just eat's them. lol R.I.P Scozza
    I'm glad i started this too, Just love photo's
    Misi like's showing her tongue off
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    LOL, its hard work being so darn good looking didnt you know! LOL

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